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THE BEATBOYS is a group from Sabadell formed by Raúl Maldonado and Jordi Llongueras on guitars, Jonathan Gimeno on bass and Héctor García on drums.

Jordi Llongueras is from Sabadell. He is a most mysterious boy. No one knows where he was born. The legend says that he saw an ad in which the Beatboys were looking for a guitarist. This ad in fact never existed, but he still does not tell us where he got the information that led him to the band. However, “mystery” Jordi joined the group, as he showed by far that he was a worthy candidate to take the role of George Harrison in the band .https: //

Héctor García is also from Sabadell. Born in 1986, Héctor is the youngest member of the band. Despite this, his extended career makes him an experienced musician. Since the moment he built his first drum kit with boxes of cookies, he has done nothing but play, play and play … Hector’s style is hard to define, since he is a very versatile musician, because both he plays the flamenco cajón in the most “bergante” style as he performs some soft bossa-nova rhythms that Ringo Starr himself would envy.

Jonathan (Jony) Gimeno is from Barcelona, born in 1984. The essence of the Paul McCartney of the 60’s is still alive within him. Jony’s life has been dedicated to music. Since he was very small, he began to play different instruments, but he discovered The Beatles when he decided to play bass. He has been involved in several musical projects, and his services have been required by many popular musicians in and outside Barcelona.

Raúl Maldonado is another Sabadellian born in 1982. He is in charge of playing the role of John Lennon in the band. He has spent years playing music, in a variety of styles ranging from Kovy’s punk festival to Mals Somnis’ teen pop. For years, he made his living as an orchestral technician through all Spain. His passion for The Beatles makes him recreate even the slightest gesture of Lennon on stage.

The Beatboys project is relatively new, but it has been forging for years. Since Raúl and Jonathan, two fans of the Liverpool band, first met, it only grew. They started playing for fun, but they decided it was a good time for people to enjoy live The Beatles songs with a tribute in which they reflect the true essence of the English quartet. For this, they had the support of one of the best drummers in town, Héctor, with a long track record in bands of the Vallès area. As we have seen, they only needed to find the fourth member of the group when … mysteriously … Jorge Llongueras, a fan of the Fab Four on sickly levels, appeared, and perfectly matched the rest of the band. They soon began to play in small venues until gaining a great popularity in Sabadell and in the rest of the Vallès. Stay tuned because this has only just begun … The Beatboymania has arrived!