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escarabajos, barcelona, beatles, weekend, sevilla, tributoThe project was born in producer, writer and collector Enrique Sánchez’s mind (guitar, keyboards, vocals), and has had twenty-seven national and international musicians throughout twenty-two promotions and five different periods. José Luis Blanco (left-handed bass, vocals), José Vaquerizo (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and José Manuel Bueno (drums, percussion, vocals) are added to the band’s current line-up.

Since its conception in the autumn of 1993, Los Escarabajos have been reaping achievements that do not usually add to the biography of a cover artist, not to say a clone artist, since his particular homage to The Beatles goes beyond such definitions. Opening the program of the Fallas, inaugurating a street dedicated to the Fab Four, promoting the teaching of English in schools, reconsidering alternative takes of some compositions, retrieving the unfinished work of John Lennon, playing with personalities from the inner circle of The Beatles, culminating an album at the legendary club The Cavern, twinning their hometown with their idols’ … are only a few.

If that was not enough, to the global history of the band must be added the individual contributions of its founder Enrique Sánchez, such as publishing the books “Olé, Beatles!” And “Beatles en el aire” (“Beatles in the air”), showing exhibitions or giving lectures. A beat vocation that is felt and exercised to its final consequences, which received a well-deserved academic recognition in 2010 by the University of Seville in the course “The Beatles: Music and Image”.

Thus, in the spirit of a live workshop without limits, the group performs more than a hundred annual interventions in all kinds of events. Among them is the Beatle Week in Liverpool, where they represented Spain for eight consecutive years, closing the Mathew Street Festival in front of 50,000 people, and eleven albums in their discography, including compilations and collective albums. In the first section, there are other experiences abroad such as the French Beatles Night and the Portuguese Fun ‘n’ Sun Festival. In the second, the still unreleased soundtrack of the film “Pobre juventud”. And the door will always remain open to their creativity.

Both in their performances and in their recordings, Los Escarabajos intend to reach the closest approach to the object of their study, which is the official songbook of The Beatles in its entireness, within the lyrical and musical universe that surrounds it. They perform without uniform disguises, but with a deliberate wink to the dressing and instrumentation of the times, dyeing illustration and surrealism in their presentations. The most specialized audiences have rediscovered the Fab Four through them in electric format, in theme productions such as Pepper’s Toque Concerto (“It was 40 years ago”), Dando en Blanco, Pineapple Rooftop Performance, Abbey (On The) Road and Let It Beat, as well as in acoustic, in the so-called “Escarabásico”, the title of their CD trilogy. With an impressive technical deployment, the public will continue to have the opportunity to do so in “¡Qué noche la de aquel día!”, the show title of the combo that, in its eleventh season, bets on the props, costumes and vintage backline, and on their tours The JukeBox Tour and All-Stars On The Run.

In short, it is impossible to speak of the Beatle phenomenon in Spain without Los Escarabajos. It only remains to be said that the expanded professional background of the project does not detract youth or spontaneity from a group whose repertoire will never be old. And any resemblance is more than pure coincidence.