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The project was born in producer, writer and collector Enrique Sánchez’s mind (guitar, keyboards, vocals), and has had twenty-seven national and international musicians throughout twenty-two promotions and five different periods. José Luis Blanco (left-handed bass, vocals), José Vaquerizo (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and José Manuel Bueno (drums, percussion, vocals) are added to the band’s current line-up. Since its conception in the autumn of 1993, Los Escarabajos have been reapingaaa Continue reading LOS ESCARABAJOS


THE BEATBOYS is a group from Sabadell formed by Raúl Maldonado and Jordi Llongueras on guitars, Jonathan Gimeno on bass and Héctor García on drums. Jordi Llongueras is from Sabadell. He is a most mysterious boy. No one knows where he was born. The legend says that he saw an ad in which the Beatboys were looking for a guitarist. This ad in fact never existed, but heaaa Continue reading THE BEATBOYS


Great band from Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona9, with excellent vocal harmonies and an amazing sound. Their musical and artistic proposal is to perform The Beatles in a classical and respectful way, living music inside-out, and highlighting the vocals (as the band members come from the lyric world). They claim The Beatles, after 50 years, have already become classical music. Consequently, Els Escarabats have started the project of remembering, during this decade, in a consecutive and chronological way, the 50 years of each event, concert,aaa Continue reading ELS ESCARABATS

Los Pasantes

Los Pasantes

Los Pasantes are an experienced band from Barcelona, with hundreds of gigs on their back. Their repertoire includes the best of international pop and rock, embracing the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and playing The Beatles, but also The Beach Boys, The Who, The Kinks and Spanish bands such as Los Brincos, Los Bravos, Sirex… always with passion and great energy. They have played several times at the Beatle Festivalaaa Continue reading Los Pasantes

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Santi Carulla

The leader of Mustang, Santi Carulla, will also participate at BBW on Saturday July 2 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the song “Yellow Submarine”. The story of Mustang is closely related to the story of  The Beatles. The Catalan band received, before anyone else in Spain, the new singles of the British  band, as they were one of the few who were authorised to record their own cover in Spanish language.   Continue reading Santi Carulla