BBW publishes “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Canción a canción”

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Six words that, on June 1, 1967, not 20 but 50 years ago, transformed the music scene as nothing had done until then. That was the date on which, in the United Kingdom -in the USA it would be a day later- the eighth LP by The Beatles was published. When were recorded each of the 13 cuts thataaa Continue reading BBW publishes “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Canción a canción”

The Roag Aspinall-Best Beatles Connection

Nowadays, there are hundreds of bands performing Beatles tributes, but only one of them has a direct relationship with the celebrated and immortal Liverpool quartet. This is the Roag Aspinall-Best Beatles Connection, and not because they come from the same city, but because of their family bond. Pete Best was the drummer of the Beatles between August 1960 and August 1962, when he was replaced byaaa Continue reading The Roag Aspinall-Best Beatles Connection

The Roag Aspinall-Best Beatles Connection opens BBW 2017

The Roag Aspinall-Best Beatles Connection will kick off Barcelona Beatles Weekend (BBW) 2017. It will be on June 9, at 9.30 p.m., at the Casino L’Aliança de Poble Nou, RAMBLA DE Poble Nou nº 42 08005  Barcelona. And what is this beatle connection of Roag Aspinall-Best? Roag is none other than the brother of Pete Best, the Beatles’ first drummer, and son of Neil Aspinall, his eternal roadie, personalaaa Continue reading The Roag Aspinall-Best Beatles Connection opens BBW 2017

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The project was born in producer, writer and collector Enrique Sánchez’s mind (guitar, keyboards, vocals), and has had twenty-seven national and international musicians throughout twenty-two promotions and five different periods. José Luis Blanco (left-handed bass, vocals), José Vaquerizo (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and José Manuel Bueno (drums, percussion, vocals) are added to the band’s current line-up. Since its conception in the autumn of 1993, Los Escarabajos have been reapingaaa Continue reading LOS ESCARABAJOS

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A new edition of the Barcelona Beatles Weekend is on its way, a way that will end on July 1-2 at Parc de la Bederrida compound, Pasqual i Vila, 2, in the area of Les Corts, Barcelona, where we will again insufflate Beatle spirit with about ten tribute bands from all over Spain. Bands from Valencia, Madrid, the Basque Country and Catalonia will fill with its beatlemania the BBW compound on Saturday and Sunday. The following bandsaaa Continue reading BARCELONA BEATLES WEEKEND 2017


THE BEATLES Tribute Band members – José: Vocals/Acoustic guitar – Iván: Vocals/Bass – Dani: Electric guitar – Óscar: Drums/Percussion Home city Lasarte-Oria / Renteria (Gipuzkoa) THE BEATLES Tribute: – BBC sessions – A Hard Day’s Night – Beatles for Sale – Help! – Singles Bio PSICOACUSTIC is a Beatles tribute band formed in 2014 and based in Gipuzkoa. Their repertoire goes from the Hamburg first days until “Help!” LP. Continue reading PSICOACUSTICS


THE BEATBOYS is a group from Sabadell formed by Raúl Maldonado and Jordi Llongueras on guitars, Jonathan Gimeno on bass and Héctor García on drums. Jordi Llongueras is from Sabadell. He is a most mysterious boy. No one knows where he was born. The legend says that he saw an ad in which the Beatboys were looking for a guitarist. This ad in fact never existed, but heaaa Continue reading THE BEATBOYS


The Blisters began its journey in 2003, when Paul and Fede met. Their common passion for the Beatles music led them to formalize the ambitious project to recreate the sound of Liverpool’s Fab Four. Since then, they have enjoyed and made others enjoy great moments in magnificent venues such as the Roman Theater of Sagunto on the occasion of the Afacam gala, the Sagunto Auditorium,aaa Continue reading THE BLISTERS


A group formed by several musicians with an extensive background in previous bands of genres as diverse as progressive rock, jazz or pop-rock, united by a common passion for the music of The Beatles. The first rehearsals took place in 2006, but it is not until 2009 when they perform live for the first time. After some years with  changes in their line-up and focusing on consolidating its repertoire, the groupaaa Continue reading THE BEATBAND


Great band from Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona9, with excellent vocal harmonies and an amazing sound. Their musical and artistic proposal is to perform The Beatles in a classical and respectful way, living music inside-out, and highlighting the vocals (as the band members come from the lyric world). They claim The Beatles, after 50 years, have already become classical music. Consequently, Els Escarabats have started the project of remembering, during this decade, in a consecutive and chronological way, the 50 years of each event, concert,aaa Continue reading ELS ESCARABATS